Thought you knew everything about bridge?

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with Funbridge Quiz


500 Quizzes

Sets of 20 questions with answers broken up into 5 themes:

  • The right bid
  • The right hand
  • Card play
  • Forcing or not forcing?
  • Defending a contract!


  • To see your progress.
  • Identify the themes you master and those you need to work on.
  • An excellent way of making progress!


  • More than 100 words to know everything there is to know about the terms used at a bridge table!
  • Accessible directly from the answer to each quiz question.

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Can I play with my family?

Yes, you can create as many profiles as you want, one for each family member.

Are the answers to the quiz questions provided?

The answer to each quiz question is detailed and explained in a very educational way. If you come across a word you don't know, just click on it to see its meaning.

How are questions selected?

The sets of 20 questions are selected randomly. The questions you have already answered properly won't be repeated.

How can I reset my scores?

Simply from the reset button in the statistics menu.

How can I create a new profile?

By clicking on the user name of the profile currently used in the application.

How can I transfer the application to my new device?

You need to set up the Apple/Google account with which you have already bought this application and download it again.

Want to play bridge?

Also discover Funbridge, the application allowing you to play an unlimited number of bridge deals and to compare yourself with hundreds of other players on these deals. Compare your bidding and card play with many other players, get ranked and make rapid progress.

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