Funbridge Quiz is the ideal application to test your knowledge of all areas of bridge.
Available on smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, Amazon)

Questions about each game area

Theme 1: find the right bid

Which bid are you going to make on this sequence?

Theme 2: find the right hand

In this theme, we show you a bidding sequence and 4 hands.

Find the only hand matching the sequence.

Theme 3: forcing or not forcing

Here is a relatively simple question: is the last bid made by North forcing?

As a reminder, a bid is "forcing" when you don't have the right to pass.

Theme 4: find the right lead

Sit in defence and choose the right lead after having carefully analysed the bidding sequence.

Theme 5: defence play

Card play theme.

You are in defence and you now have to follow with the right card.

Find your statistical information

Thanks to the statistics menu, keep an eye on your progress day after day and in the different game modes.

Funbridge Quiz corrects your mistakes

After each wrong answer, Funbridge Quiz gives you a detailed explanation.

You will have the opportunity to try your luck again later.


You will find the definitions of all key bridge words.

Just click on the words underlined in the application to learn more about their meanings.